1. David says…

    1. Brittany Middleton Do tell us of the drunken intimate adventures had with your bandmates?

    Me and Filip tried to get engaged in Las Vegas once. I don’t know what they put in our drinks but that night was pretty special. 

    1. Daniel Castrø Any crazy/weird show experience?

    We played on a stage that fell apart once. That was probably the weirdest show experience. I also did a show on my own for hypnotists from all around the world and instead of paying me money they hypnotised me and I ended up without my payment. Thats actually true! 

    I also did a show once where they took me to a big, big castle somewhere in Sweden…and I was blindfolded. The room was filled with old men in some kind of ritual cloaks and some of them had knight armours on. I sang a couple of old jazz standards and then they blindfolded me again and drove me back to my apartment.

    1. Nicolas Garcia What soccer team/football club do you support? If you don’t have one, what sport do you enjoy watching?

    Both me and Magnus played a lot of soccer when we where younger. But I’m not really a fan of a certain team.   

    1. Dan Le Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

    One Horse sized duck

    1. Melissa Quintanilla is there any way to buy a shirt? i ran out of money when i went to your concert with Wolfgang?

    We’ll fix an online shop for that. Otherwise you can come to one of our shows this spring and I’ll personally sell it to you. 99% off. 

    1. Elena Ramirez What’s the most intimate you’ve gotten with an audience member

    I’ve had girlfriends in the audience many times so I guess that answers your questions? 

    But in Seattle a girl jumped up and kissed me. She came up to me after the show and said I tasted way too salty cause I was sweating. Kissing a boy in the Royal Concept always come with a heavy price. 

    1. Jake Miller Have you ever had sex in an uncomfortable place… like the backseat of a Volkswagen? Where was it?

    In the backseat of your car Jake Miller. 

    1. Charlie Rodríguez Can you please hear my songs https://soundcloud.com/santa-fe-music and tell me what do you think??? 

    I like it very much! You write nicer melodies than me and you have a way better voice than I have, so if you only get the hair right nothing can stop you!

    1. Alyssa Keyes Whats The most meaningful song you have ever written?

    I think it’s a song called Dancing on Dreams that’s coming on our upcoming album. I like In the End from the EP very much too. 

    1. Jo Lem Shag Marry Kill - Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears’

    I don’t think you shag Madonna, I think Madonna shags you. I don’t think you marry Britney, I think Britney marries you. And Lady Gaga kills you before you kill her.

    1. Courtney Paige Lael What is your song Knocked Up about? And do you make/sell posters?

    We can fix a poster for you if you want it. Knocked up is about making stupid decisions and getting a child out of it. 

    1. Kelly Harrington What’s you’re favorite town to play in?

    Every town is my favourite. Seattle was probably our best show on the last tour but there where so many cities that we loved. 

    1. Michael Pham When can we expect a full length album?


    1. Melissa Quintanilla If you could go back in time and have dinner with any historical figure. who would it be? and why?

    It would’ve been really nice to buy Judy Garland dinner. People describe her as the best entertainer that ever lived, so it would be cool to learn something from her. 

    1. Lee Small Would you be willing to play a show in Denver, Colorado in the summer?


    1. Andrew Gonzales How many groupies have you as a group gotten with?

    As much as we love our fans, we usually don’t sleep with them. 

    1. Ashley Elizabeth When was the last time you wet the bed?

    I accidentally spilled out a half bottle of wine in my bed on Christmas eve. So that must be it. 

    1. Isa Olsander Oj, svårt! Vilken låt får dig att gråta?

    I cried during the dolphin show at Sea World…but I don’t remember the name of the song.

    1. Abi Abigail which country would you like to be president of and why?

    Ukraine, and stop the persecution of Gay and Transsexual people.  

    1. Isa Olsander Om du bara får lyssna på ett band i resten av ditt liv, vilket skulle det vara?

    The Beatles.

    1. Ottilia Hjellström Om du var en Disneyprinsessa, vilken skulle du vara?


    1. Karin Bellander Är hemligheten med Davids hår Ocean mist spray?

    Svaret är ja. Och dyr som fan är flaskan. 

    1. Michael Phillips When are you coming back to the west coast for some shows?

    Don’t know yet, but definitely 2013. Can’t wait! 

    1. Ian Swaggerdontstop Mötha could my band open up for you in Boston?? The Anchors

    Since we’re opening for Imagine Dragons, it’s really not our decision. But when you guys are headlining and have a couple of million dollars, can we open for you? 

    1. Jenoa Sandlin How does David fix his hair

    I never use Shampoo. Povels hair dresser skills are also a big part of it. That’s pretty much it. 

    1. Fiona Ray David, while learning how to play piano, were you trained in jazz or classical? And when did you start playing?

    I started playing piano when I was 14. I never had a teacher or anything, I just played chords and pop songs. But when I started music high school (where I met Filip) the teachers forced us to study jazz all the time. I’ve never played classical and I can’t read sheets. I will learn when I’m older and wiser. 

    1. Matt Argalas What was the last movie that made you cry?

    I saw that fucking Notebook this holiday. Say no more. 

    1. Tessa Anwyll Have you ever encountered any crazy fans at shows? If so what kind if things did they do? Do you guys remember individual fans from shows or are do they all blur together?

    We remember individual people and venues very well. I’m also pretty good at names. A couple of older ladies ripped my shirt of right after a show in Portland and offered me a threesome in the elevator. I kindly declined. 

    1. Isa Olsander Vem är den största bekräftelsehoran? (av er i bandet då)

    Me, myself and I. 

    1. Tim Kerkhove Do any of you secretly lust for each other?

    I can’t answer that question for the rest of the guys, but I’m not sexually interested in any of my band mates. Sorry Povel. 

    1. Phoebe Hwang Why don’t you smile?

    I don’t know why, maybe I’m a little bit shy? A couple of older guys told me I had an ugly smile when I was like 9 and that could have something to do with it perhaps? 

    1. Shyla Tibert Now that you guys have performed all around the world..where was your favorite place to travel to..?

    We love road tripping North America. That’s something we wanna do over and over again. 

    1. Karina Llangari Have you filmed a home made porno?

    Dope but nope. 

    1. Meghan Hager Relationship statuses? Turn ons? Any awkward relationship stories/ break ups?

    This is the only question I won’t answer. 

    1. Julia Andersson Vad tar ni i gage? 

    Vi ser alltid till att gå plus minus noll på en spelning. Så, när vi har mycket ljus med oss har stället betalat bra. Där kan ni göra bedömningen själva. Pengar tjänar vi på Spotify.

    1. Ryan Hansen When can we expect a full-length album?


    1. Nana Gongadze favorite cities you played on the wolf gang tour?


    1. Kaykay Ley will there be an european tour?


    1. Alice Thillson Kan någon/några av er tänka er att gå ut med min kompis Julia Andersson ?

    Frågan är väl snarare om Julia kan tänka sig att gå ut med någon av oss?

    1. Matt Gallegos-Delgado How do you get your hair so nice and anazing?

    I never use shampoo. 

    1. Bronica Link Honestly, what do you think of American accents?

    They’re all pretty different. Our tour manager Jason is from Alabama and we love that one. Every accent that exists in Forrest Gump is amazing. 

    1. Annika Herlitz Will you marry me? Eller jag menar hej, eller jag menar bra, eller jag menar..va??

    This is the first time someone propose, I’m flattered.

    1. Audrey Hwang Is David always drunk or high? He sure looks like it…

    Not always. 

    1. Maggie Cusick does david wear a mesh tank top for every show?

    I did on the last tour, but I’m thinking of getting a sweat suit for the next one. 

    1. Haylee Jameson Are you guys allergic to shaving your faces?

    We are pretty fond of beards, yes. 

    1. Jada Campbell First time? Heheheh

    15 years old and heavily in love.

    1. Péché Couillu Have you ever kissed one to each other ?!!!!

    Yes we have. That comes naturally after spending so much time together. 

    1. Kaykay Ley your favourite club in stockholm? Where should someone go?

    During the summers there’s a place called ”Trädgårn” (The garden). Hornstull Strand is also a nice all year around place.  

    1. Erika Marie Romero Will you please call Matt Gallegos-Delgado and ask him for hair tips?

    If you think I really, really need it…I will. But if he gives me a hipster hair cut I will stop playing rock n roll and become a Stockholm DJ for life.  

    1. Meghan Hager Can you send me a letter? (I’ll give you my address) My Uni mail box is always empty. It’s so depressing. I would be so happy if you did! 

    Ok, send me the address. 

    1. Hailey Libertone Why doesn’t David smile enough?

    I’m shy I guess. But I do smile on the inside all the time. 

    1. Sarah Flores I saw y’all open up for Wolf Gang in Houston at Fitzgerald’s, in November. What did you think of the venue?

    It was really cool, we really loved it. Audience was great! The place across the street had really cheap Oysters so we had everything we wanted. 

    1. Iva Vorkapić Is Santa real?

    They say people made him up, but I’m not sure.

    1. Roland Saito Why do you guys need to be royal?

    Cause the other two words in our band name are pretty bad so we need to even things out.

    1. Anna Cochran Did you sleep with any of the girls at your concerts on either of your US tours? xx And one more. If I gave you my address, would you send me a letter? It would make my year. I met you at the Booth Playhouse in Charlotte. I have a picture! Haha.

    I might send you a letter with the answer for the other question. 

    1. Courtney Paige Lael Will you send me a letter?!?!

    Yes but you’re the last one. From now on I need to put focus on recording an album and not playing Povels games anymore.

    1. Mike Joslin What was the biggest surprise to you when you moved to America?

    That I really, really enjoyed it so much. 

    1. Stephanie Johanna Murillo If you had to trade out one member for non-musician celebrity, who would it be and who would you trade them with?

    I would trade Povel cause he came up with this stupid game. And instead of him I would love to have the swedish princess on drums. She could need a little bit of rock n roll and we could need some true royalty.

    1. Denise Marie Cuéllar Sooo the big question: Did you ever really knocked up the girl you sing about?

    No, I didn’t do that. This time I sang about another man’s experiences. 


    1. Francisca Contreras Do you guys ever have group sex with groupies after your concerts? Also, can I have the next sweaty shirt David takes off at your next concert? I figure it’s way better than a letter.

    Even though I love our fans and my band members deeply, there hasn’t been any group sex. I think you guys seem very interested in the Rock n Roll myth that our parents idols created. To be honest, I think that kind of life style is nowadays most common among the Top 40 cover bands. I’m very glad to give you a sweaty shirt after the next show though. 

    1. MJ Doyle When you playing London - A) who has the biggest dick in the band and who is the biggest dick in the band c) Have you had fantasies about any of your bandmates friends/lovers? d) Family Guy or Southpark?
    1. London’s calling and I hope we can make it happen this spring.
    2. I really don’t know. We were 15 years old last time I saw Filips but that was pretty impressive so I guess it must be him? 
    3. Yes
    4. Family Guy
    1. Jefferson Richards Will Fillip and Povel sign my shirt at your next concert in Seattle? I already got David and Magnus’ signatures! Thanks guys!

    They will.

    1. Ryan Cawoozy Could i score a ticket to your NYC show?!

    I’m right now on the other side of the ocean so I can’t help you with that. I think you should steal one from the ticket office.

    1. Laurie S-c Did you ever think about singing in your maternal language?

    Swedish is a pretty singable language so that could really be something. On our next tour maybe? 

    1. Eli Hirsch How can my band open for you guys? We would love to here’s a video we just put out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLueu5YqFg0

    Sounds good man! We’ll meet in the future. 

    1. Christy Joanethis All time favorite band?

    I gotta say The Beatles. 

    1. Frank Hill Would you guys love to come and hang out with me next time you are in pittsburgh? Or perhaps invite me to do a duet? Yes please?

    Dude! Last time we hung out in Pittsburgh we were stranded in a tour bus during a hurricane for 3 days. You should’ve invited us then and we could’ve done as much duets as we wanted. Next time!

    1. Benton Kaufman Will u guys post tabs for d-d-dance on ur Facebook/website? Please.

    Yes, we can do that. 

    1. John Thomas Sprague OOOO OOO ummm… my economics teacher says that my generation will have to be the ones to rebel against the government, like get rid of corrupt politians and get rid of federal bank, whats your opinion on the matter?

    It seems like your teacher is doing something called propaganda? I think we all need a big change in the way we’re living and start facing the reality. I find the economic science extremely boring so I really don’t know what to say about the federal bank. There are a lot of revolutions going on against corrupt politicians in other parts of the world right now so times are changing. But we do have to start with ourselves. 

    1. John Thomas Sprague AND! what do you really think of us americans hmmm?

    I really dig the social part of your culture. People are over all very, very nice and easy to get along with. It was interesting to follow your election during the tour too. I’ve always been pretty left winged on the political scale as most Europeans, we were very happy that Obama won. 


    1. Jericho Mallari Did any of you ever regret dating a person you’ve dated before? Name that person. >:)

    I’ve never had any reason to regret that kind of things…yet. 

    1. Amber Laurel Did y’all like performing in Texas? My aunt and uncle saw y’all at Fitzgerald’s and they showed me to y’all. I fell in love with y’all’s music and I wish to see y’all sometime in my life. And also what do y’all think of the southern accent? Haha!

    I love it, both performing in Texas and the accent. You guys seem pretty obsessed with that y’all thing. But it doesn’t bother me so as long as you’re happy. 

    1. Jesse Alston Wish me a happy birthday? It’s today. OR sing happy birthday to me!

    Happy Birthday jesse Alston! Next year I’ll sing you a song too. 

    1. Fiona Ray Will you release sheet music for your songs after the release of your album?

    I guess we’ll just give it away on the internet. If you guys promise to send us more cover versions of the songs.

    1. Kateřina Duchoňová Wow, great, love you, Povel! Have you guys noticed one comment under a video from your concert saying that she (or he) stopped listening to your band after she (or he) realized the lead singer is so goodlooking, in fact too goodlooking? This comment was also liked by many people, which surprised me! What do you think of that? Are you gonna try or have you started to make the lead singer less hot in order to be more succesful? 

    And people haven’t even really payed attention to the other guys yet. When Magnus comes out from behind his glasses I will look like a complete fool and people will hopefully start listening to us again. Until that, whether people think I look good or bad, I hope they will pay most attention to the music cause the upcoming album is actually gonna be pretty amazing.

    1. Josep Calvet Tarragó When are you coming to Barcelona?

    2013 I hope! 

    1. Veronika Opatřilová How are you going to punish Povel for this ?

    I will come up with something much, much worse. 

    1. Julia Koch Are you planning to go on tour in Germany next year? And when?

    We’re playing in Berlin January 12. And hopefully we can fill this upcoming spring with a lot of European dates too. Where do you guys want us to go? 


  2. Seattle. October 7th.

    Who the hell was that girl was that kissed me during “In The End”?

    Sitting in our dressing room, all sweaty and fully discharged after a fantastic show at The Crocodile.
    Seattle surely know how to fucking blow our heads off.

    I could really feel how the band took off behind me. It was one of those nights when the music played us and levitation is probably the closest analogy to what I felt. You guys cheer me up, so I’ll be back if ever I’m sad.

    Now I am tounge-tied and it feels like I’ve said it all for tonight.



  3. Thursday in LA

    Our tour bus is in San Francisco and our friends in Wolf Gang is playing there together with Swedish act Niki and the Dove tonight.
    If you’re thinking about going, you’re obviously thinking to much. Be there.

    We on the other hand have been tucked away in our favourite LA studio working 24/7 on some new tunes. And they’re beginning to pile up pretty nicely. Yesterdays hard work turned into a creative and gorgeous chaos. Exactly the way we like it. Magnus found a room filled with vintage bass amps and now he’s like a kid in a candy store. It’s funny to compare him with Povel, who really doesn’t even care about his drum set up. Some people are just more fascinated with equipment than others. But we all kinda like kids right now, holding some brand new coloring books in our hands. Studio time is awesome. 

    The LA weather gods are good as usual and a cup of coffee with a splash of expired milk on the patio seems to be the perfect five minute break.



  4. Let’s begin.

    We kinda realized that time flies by pretty quickly. We’ve already been here in the US for over a month and we’ve seen so many things that we’ve forgot to capture. And life is not always made up out of 140 character frequencies and iPhone photographs. Sometimes there’s an additional story behind it. Therefore we have decided to start this tumblr. As a tribute to all of those stories. We’ll probably mix it up with snapshots and few-word-phrases as well. We just don’t want to limit ourselves. Hopefully we’re able to give you some interesting snippets and behind the scene stuff from life on the road.

    Having said that, let’s just get this started.

    And just a little reminder - this is not Instagram, so it’s a no-filter policy.